ACTION ALERT #1 – Funding for FRYSCs

March 9, 2016

Kentucky Education Action Team (KEAT)
Weekly Budget Messages:

For the next three weeks we will be sending you messages regarding the Governor’s proposed education budget cuts. Each week we will focus on a different program that if cut will directly affect our students’ education.

Here is a template letter for the first week’s budget cut: Funding for FRYSCs. We are asking that you send this letter to your Senator and House Representative.

  • Feel free to add your own personal experience with each program and more information about how you feel it benefits the state and our children.
  • If you do ask for a response, please make sure to include your email address, phone number, address and/or other contact information.
  • Please share any responses you receive from legislators with Sharon Whitworth, Kentucky PTA Legislative Commissioner at .

It is vital that we reach out to our legislatures at this crucial time. We appreciate all that you do for the children of Kentucky.

Cherie Dimar
Kentucky PTA President

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