Now is the time for all PTA members to call their legislators and ask them to restore our educational funding back to 2008 levels.

• Restore funding for the basic school funding formula to 2008-09 levels.
• Restore support for textbooks, preschool, safe schools program, teachers’ professional development (PD), and tutoring to 2007-08 levels.
• Provide funding for technology to increase capacity and speed so that students can connect to the instruction tools they need.

It is so simple to call your state representative. In just a few minutes, you can leave a short message telling them that “Our Kids Can’t Wait” and we need more funding for education to be restored back to the 2008 levels. You will talk to an operator who will write down your message, and he or she will deliver it to your legislator. Speak up for all the children of Kentucky now by calling 1-800-372-7181.

Another way to distribute our message is through a Web link that will allow people to send an e-mail directly to their own legislators. This e-mail contains a letter advocating for increased funding for public preschool through grade-twelve education. The following link opens to the Advocacy Alert Network. Scroll down to “Action Alert” to see and send our message: www.votervoice.net/KPI/campaigns/34048/respond.

Another way that you can help us is to get this resolution approved at your next PTA meeting and send it to all of your legislators in your community. This will show them that there is a groundswell of parents who want more funding for education. Simply print on your PTA letterhead, replace underlined info with your PTA info, and have your members sign it.

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