2018-2019 15th District PTA Awards

The 15th District PTA sponsors several awards programs for students, parents, teachers, administrators and schools in conjunction with Kentucky PTA and National PTA. The awards process begins at the local school and advances to the district, state and national levels. Refer to the Kentucky Leaders’ Notebook or the 15th District PTA Newsletter for entry forms and rules. Nominees must be a member of a PTA/PTSA Unit in Good Standing in order to be eligible for awards or scholarships.

Awards are now being accepted online!


Just click on the name of the award and you will be directed to the site to fill it out.

Sharon Whitworth Advocacy Award

Special Project Award

Outstanding Volunteer Award

Volunteer Participation Award

Outstanding Male Involvement/Participation

Outstanding Membership Campaign

Hall of Fame Award

Outstanding School Nurse Award

Outstanding Local Unit Newsletter

Outstanding Website

Outstanding Local Unit Social Media Award

Awards Workshop

We will be doing an awards workshop to help answer questions and show you how to fill this out online.  Join us!

Southwest Library

January 30, 2019

6:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Past Hall of Fame Winners

While we prefer that you apply online – we do have digital copies that you print and mail in.  Click on the award to bring up the PDF.

Sharon Whitworth Advocacy Award 15th District PTA

Special Programs Project Award 15th District PTA

Outstanding Volunteer Award 15th District PTA

Volunteer Participation Award 15th District PTA

Outstanding Male Involvement 15th District PTA

Outstanding Membership Award 15th District PTA

Hall of Fame Educator Award 15th District PTA

Outstanding School Nurse Award 15th District PTA

Outstanding Local Unit Website Award 15th District PTA

Outstanding Local Unit Social Media Award 15th District PTA

Outstanding Local Unit Social Media Award 15th District

Reflections Program

Reflections” is a National PTA arts in education program. Its purpose is to provide all children and youth with an opportunity to experience the self-fulfillment of creative expression through the arts. The primary goal of Reflections is for all children and youth to have the opportunity to participate. Although it is a program with recognition and awards at the local, district, state and national levels, the importance of participation should be emphasized over winning. Students may submit entries in the areas of music, photography, visual arts, literature, and dance. Each year there is a different theme for the program. For the 2017-2018 school year, the theme will be Heros Around MeParticipation in the Reflections Program is open to all students in attendance at a PTA/PTSA school in good standing where the program is sponsored. Entries are advanced through PTA channels. Packets are sent out to all schools, PTA presidents, art teachers, English teachers, music teachers, and P.E. teachers at the beginning of the school year.

Click here for the Reflections Page

Kentucky State PTA Awards

In addition to the 15th District PTA awards, the Kentucky State PTA also offers several awards each year. To determine the deadline and eligibility requirements please click on the following link:

Leaders’ Notebook for PTAs and PTSAs

Rising Star Award

The purpose of the “Christa McAuliffe” Rising Star Award is to recognize a student who has successfully worked to improve his/her grades, attendance, attitude, character, and/or self-esteem. The object of this award is to help students feel good about themselves and their achievements.

This award is given in honor of Christa Mc Auliffe, teacher, “What are we doing here? Reaching for the stars.” Awards are given in the primary, intermediate, middle school, and high school categories. PTAs/PTSAs should work with school counselors, teachers, and principals in selecting a nominee from their school. Send entries to the Kentucky PTA office by February 1.

“Christa McAuliffe” Rising Star Award

The 2018-2019 Proudfoot Award for Outstanding School Board Member

Sponsored by the Kentucky PTA and the Kentucky School Boards Association. The Proudfoot Award is named after the late Dr. Warren H. Proudfoot, a member of the Rowan County Board of Education and past president of the Kentucky School Boards Association (KSBA). Created in 1992, the award recognizes a current school board member for distinguished leadership and community service.

The Proudfoot Award for Outstanding School Board MemberOutstanding Volunteer Award 15th District PTAOutstanding Male Involvement 15th District PTAHall of Fame Educator Award 15th District PTAOutstanding School Nurse Award 15th District PTAOutstanding Local Unit Social Media Award 15th District