Know your bylaws and follow them! They are the most important legal document of your PTA. (“By law”, you must follow them.)

Look for these points, which are unique to each PTA:
Date of renewal:___________
Quorum*: _____________
Number of VPs:_________
Month of officer elections:________
Month officers take office:________
Length of officer’s terms:_________
Number of consecutive terms allowed:____________
Number of general meetings:_____
Members of  Nominating committee:________
*This will be the quorum for general meetings only. The quorum for board of managers meetings is a majority.

  • Bylaws need to be renewed every 5 years.
  • Bylaws need to be approved by the general membership body every five years or to make an amendment.
  • Are there any needed amendments to your bylaws?
  • Amendments must be approved by the board, then taken to the general body, with previous notice. (Notice can be thirty days written notice, or changes read at one meeting and voted on at the next meeting.)
  • Once the amendments have been approved, send four copies as previously written and as amended, and a copy of the meeting’s minutes to the State Procedure & Bylaws Chairman. Make sure the minutes state that there was a quorum present.