PTA Election – May 7th

May 7, 2019

4:00 pm to 6:45 pm

Louisville Central Community Center

1300 W Muhammad Ali Blvd, Louisville, KY 40203

Rules for the

15th District PTA Election

According to the 15th District PTA Bylaws Article VI:

Section 6

Each local unit PTA/PTSA of this district shall pay annual dues of 20 cents per member to the district based on last year’s membership sold. Dues must be remitted by October 1st . Section 7 Only members of a local PTA/PTSA who have paid dues by the October 1st deadline may participate in the business of that association. Voting privileges will be reinstated upon the receipt of dues paid in full.

Section 7

Only members of a local PTA/PTSA who have paid dues by the October 1st deadline may participate in the business of that association. Voting privileges will be reinstated upon the receipt of dues paid in full.

According to the 15th District PTA bylaws Article XII: Section 4

Each local PTA/PTSA in the District shall be entitled to be represented at the fifteenth (15th) district meetings by Five (5) accredited delegates of each local PTA/PTSA. (Accredited delegates selection shall be determined by the 15th District PTA standing rules.)

The 15th District PTA Standing Rules

Representation At 15th District PTA General Meeting

  1. 5 accredited delegates from each 15th District Local PTA shall have voting privileges.
    1. a. Each local PTA President or intern president may submit up to 5 names for the accredited delegates. List of names must be submitted 3 days in advance of the meeting.
    2. b. 15th District PTA board will also have 5 accredited delegates that will be allowed to vote.*
    3. c. Each delegate must show picture ID and current Membership Card.

*Please note – we found that our standing rules contradict our bylaws. Bylaws take precedence over standing rules therefore according to our bylaws Article X11 Section 2 – All 15th District Board Members may vote in this election. We will correct this standing rule at our next board meeting.

How to submit the list of delegates

The list should be submitted to by May 3rd . If you are unable to e-mail please call Autumn at 502-718-2590.If you have additional questions or your PTA member has lost their membership card and you do not have additional cards – please contact Autumn at 502-718-2590 or at

Voting Details:

Date: May 7, 2019

Time: 4:00 pm to 6:45 pm

Location: Louisville Central Community Center located at 1300 W Muhammad Ali Blvd, Louisville, KY 40203.

Parking is available in front of the building and parking lot behind. Once inside the building in the main lobby – there will be signs to let you know where the voting table is located it.

Requirements to vote:

  • Accredited Delegate submitted by PTA President or Intern President by May 3rd Deadline to or called into Autumn at 502-718-2590.
  • Picture ID
  • Current Membership Card

Each accredited delegate will sign in and will receive a ballot and a space to complete the ballot. The delegate will be returned to the voting table to turn in ballot.

The 15th District PTA banquet will be occurring at the same location starting at 6:00 pm. There will be student performances in the main lobby. We ask that you not disturb the performances.

If you are attending the banquet – please feel free to vote and stay until the banquet doors open and enjoy our student performances

Additional Rules & Considerations

A person may not display campaign material, post signs, ask, solicit, or in any manner try to induce or persuade a vote within the Louisville Central Community Center, the property, or within the parking lots marked off for parking for the banquet. If anyone is found doing this – they will be asked to leave the property regardless if they have voted or purchased a ticket to the banquet.

Remember this is a vote for the next leaders of the 15th District PTA and all the candidates are seeking a volunteer position to help our district grow and support our local PTA. Please refrain from criticizing any candidates, this includes online.

The following candidates will be on the ballot for our election on May 7th.

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Election Each candidate was asked to answer the same questions so as to help each of our members pick a candidate that will join the 15th District PTA Executive Board.

Image result for updated FAQ

  • Why do we need delegates? I don’t remember having them in the past at the banquet to elect officers.
    • There has not been a contested election of officers in the past at the 15th District PTA. Since we have people running from the floor against the slate of candidates we have to do an actual ballot vote instead of a voice vote.
  • How was the process of vote determined?
    • This process of the how the vote is done is determined by our bylaws (which can be found here) and our standing rules. The standing rule that pertains to the election is listed above.
  • Why does each PTA only get 5 voting delegates?
    • This is again set by our bylaws (which can be found here). This is done both at State and National level. At the district level we want to make sure every school has equal representation no mater how many PTA memberships you have. This will make sure one school does not hold more power over the vote than another school.
    • National is set up a little different – but again not every PTA member is allowed to vote in their elections. This is how national determines their accredited members who can vote .

      • Five (5) delegates plus one (1) delegate per one thousand (1,000) members, or major 510 fraction thereof, of each state constituent association PTA, as shown on the books of 511 the secretary-treasurer of National PTA as of March 31 preceding an annual meeting, 512 and as accredited by the state constituent association PTA; and 513 6. One (1) delegate per thousand (1,000) members, or major fraction thereof, of a local 514 constituent association PTA organized under direct authority of National PTA, as 515 shown on the books of the secretary-treasurer of National PTA as of March 31 516 preceding an annual meeting, and accredited by National PTA.
    • Therefore at the National PTA convention in June KY State PTA can have only 53 voting delegates.
  • Who determines the 5 delegates?
    • This is determined by the PTA President. We have been told in the past (at least 10 years ago) the bylaws said that it was the PTA President, School Principal, and any other 3 members of the school PTA. It was changed (approved by the membership) to state any 5 accredited delegates from the school PTA. That way if the Principal or the PTA President could not make it – the school still could have 5 representatives.
  • Why does the delegates have to be named?
    • This makes sure that the PTA is sending someone that they know and that they are fine representing them in the voting process. It also makes sure that we don’t have 20 people coming from one school when only 5 can vote – therefore wasting those other 15 individual’s time.
  • Why do we need to e-mail the delegates in 3 days in advance?
    • The allows us to prepare for the ballot vote and prepare the paperwork for the election. It can be e-mailed to or you can call Autumn at 502-718-2590. All e-mails will be replied back to confirming that we received the delegates. If they are e-mailed in late they will also get a reply back stating that have missed the deadline. This was done for the past meeting also.
  • I am a PTA Member and unless I am a accredited delegate I can not vote – so what is the point in membership.
    • PTA Membership is several things and not just the ability to vote on the district, state, or national level.PTA Membership
      • shows the support of your local unit.
      • give you a vote in the local PTA election at the school.
      • membership usually gives parents another way to connect with other parents and the school.
      • membership allows you to be part of a group working for the same goals.
      • membership also allows local, district, state, and nationally to know how many are supporting the PTA in an area.  When we talk to our representatives they always ask how many PTA members are in our state, and I have been asked several times how many members are in Jefferson County.  This shows the support of our common goals and give our voice more power.  It also gives us the responsibility that we are speaking for our students, parents, and teachers.
  • Can students be voting accredited delegates?
    • If the student is a member of your PTSA – then yes.
  • Who else can be a voting accredited delegate?
    • The only requirement is that they are a member of the PTA/PTSA they are representing. This includes your principal, community members, parent and family members, student members, teacher members, and of course your board members.
  • Can an accredited delegate be for more than one school?
    • Yes and No Yes -they can be submitted for more than one school – but they will only be allowed to vote once. Therefore one of the schools they are representing will lose a vote and part of their voting power. We suggest that each presented delegate only represent one PTA.
  • How have PTA/PTSA been notified about the upcoming elections.
    • The following steps have been taken to make sure that each PTA knows about the upcoming election.
      • Packets were sent to each school PTA/PTSA thru the JCPS pony on Monday 04/22/19 and should arrive in the schools that week.
      • A Mailchimp went out on 04/22/19 to all PTA Officers who submitted their e-mail address to KY PTA on the officer list.
      • A letter was mailed on 04/24/19 to each PTA member who submitted their home address to KY PTA on the officer list.
      • We plan to contact each PTA President who has submitted their phone number to verify that they have received this information and have any questions.
  • Why are there no pictures of the candidates?
    • We decided to let their words and experience speak for itself. We did not want this vote based on appearances.
  • It has been said that 5 delegates are a new part of the bylaws – is this true?
    • No. We can trace back easily to 1987 which had 5 voting delegates. The delegates were selected different. Here are the exact working from 1987
      • Section 3: Each local PTA/PTSA in the District shall be entitled to be represented at the Fifteenth (15th) District meetings by its President or alternate, the school principal or his/her representative and three (3) delegates or their alternates. The names of the representatives and alternates shall be sent , in writing, to the Corresponding Secretary of the District before October 1.
    • This has changed over the years to be more flexible as to who has to be the representative and when they have to be submitted. The point is – that it has only been 5 delegates since 1987.
  • Why is there a deadline to run from the floor?
    • When there is a candidate who is running from the floor against a slate of candidates then the voting must be done by ballot and not voice vote. The 30 day deadline before the election lets the organizing body prepare for the vote. When a vote is done – the membership must be alerted, ballots must be produced and printed, tellers, locations, and people must be put into place. This requires time and this is what the 30 days gives you.
    • In the 30 days, we as a district have talked to the candidates to make sure they understood the position they were running from. We requested that they fill out a questionnaire to help the membership get to know the delegates so they could make an informed decision. Compiled all questions and answers from candidates. Copied and mailed the information to all local PTAs and sent to the schools and to any local PTA board member who provided their home address. It was also sent by Mailchimp to any local board member who provided their e-mail address. We also updated our website and created FAQ – we continue to update when questions are brought to us. Did social media post to alert those who follow us on social media. Secured a voting location, voting personnel, and prepared ballots. Called each local PTA president who provided their phone number and left voice mail if possible if they did not answer.
  • How was the slate of candidates chosen?
    • A call for nominations was sent out from the nominating committee. They took nominations via mail, email, and online. There were 30 nomination forms filled out for 18 different candidates. The nominating committee were able to speak and interview all except 1 person. When they spoke to them they asked if there was anyone else that they should talk to – so that produced additional people. Some were interested in chair positions and not the elected positions that are on the ballot. The committee then choose people based on the interviews and put a slate together. This slate (which has 8 people) has 4 people on it that have never served on the 15th District PTA Board, 1 who has served 10 months in July, 2 who will have served 2 years in July, and 1 who has been on about 3 years. Therefore the slate is a mix of new and some experienced board members.
  • Do you still have a question – e-mail and we will try and post them.

Here is the ballot that will be at the election.