Awards Banquet

15th District PTA Slate Announced

The following slate is presented by the 15th District Nominating Committee

If you would like to run from the floor for one of the above elected positions above – please send an email to:  

 [email protected] and [email protected]

by midnight on April 17, 2023. In the email please tell us your name, contact information, and what position you are interested in. Please note that the position of President and President Elect can only be filled by someone who has served on the 15th District PTA Board for at least one year.

No other nominations from the floor will be accepted past midnight on April 17, 2023 to be in compliance with our bylaws.

Awards Online

Awards Now Online at

Scholarship Application Now Online

School Board Candidate Forum

Join us for the 15th District PTA School Board Candidate Forum. This is a great way to make an informed decision on who you should vote for in November.

Admittance will first be given to those who register; any additional admittance will be based on space allowance.  We encourage you to only plan to attend the time slot for the District in which you are eligible to vote, to help with space constraints.  In the auditorium we will not allow any partisan attire, literature, or signs. 

Reflections Training

Reflections are due online by October 19th. We have scheduled an additional training to focus on the uploading of artwork on October 13th.

Back to School Back to PTA

PTA Virtual Trainings

Reflections 2022-2023

District Reflections updated on our website.

Awards Extravaganza

Deadline Extended

Scholarships –

Awards –

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Awards Applications Now Open!

Apply for 15th District PTA Awards

Now Open!

Evangeline J. Sansome Scholarship Apply Now

Applications are due by March 15th. Apply at

Toy Drive – Drop on this Thursday!

PTA/PTSA Leaders,

As most of you know over the weekend severe storms devastated the Western part of Kentucky. Kentucky PTA spent Saturday reaching out to local leaders in that area to ensure that everyone was safe. We asked about any needs they might have. As you can imagine a lot of people were still in shock and disbelief Saturday morning so we are sure that those needs will become clearer in the upcoming days.

Watching the news and social media we are so grateful for the way Kentuckians have jumped in to help the families of Western Kentucky with collections around the state. Please continue to keep Western Kentucky families in your thoughts over the next few weeks and months as they try to rebuild. Kentucky PTA will help in any way we can.

Toy Drive

Kentucky PTA is asking for our local units, if they are so inclined, to do a TOY drive in your area, with all the gifts and toys going to the families in Western Kentucky. We have talked to officials, and they are good on clothing and items to keep them warm. We also know that a lot of different organizations are doing water donations. Let’s focus on giving some sense of normalcy to the children of Western Kentucky as we can right before the holiday season.

This is an optional TOY drive, while we WOULD love you to participate, you are in no ways required.

If you decided to participate, please ask for new or gently used toys and gifts for all age groups. Feel free to think outside the box. Example: Hoodies would be a great gift, as the majority of teens would prefer hoodies to any coat. coloring books, books etc.

On top of that, we have been made aware of these specific needs. Totes for families to store their items in, batteries and flashlights have made the top of every list.

Kentucky PTA would also like to include small school supplies items such as paper, crayons, markers, folders so that they can be sent directly to schools so that if any family has lost school supplies that isn’t a need they have to worry about coming back in January.

Monetary Donations

If someone would like to make a monetary contribution, please refer them to either or the American Red Cross. Please do not take in donations, as we are still restricted on who we can donate to.

If you would like to use some of your budget to buy items on behalf of your PTA/PTSA, it depends on how the line items are listed- please contact the Kentucky PTA office for clarification so we can find a line item that would work.

Contacts and drop off.

Kentucky PTA will ensure that all donations are shipped to those in need in Western Kentucky.

Your point of contact depends on your district.

15th District- Your drop off location will go out in a separate email; we are still working on the logistics. You can contact Sienna Newman at [email protected]

16th District- Your drop off location will go out in a separate email, we are still working on the logistics. Your point of contact will be Susan Voglesong at [email protected].

4th, 18th and 9th – Point of Contact Victoria Tucker, she will work with you to pick up items. She can be reached at [email protected]

All other districts please contact Jenna Jennings ([email protected]) or Victoria Tucker ([email protected]) to make arrangements for us to do pickups.

We only have a short amount of turnaround time so if you are wanting to participate, please contact the Kentucky PTA office so we can arrange to drop off/pick up before 5 PM on Thursday. Friday/Saturday we will be picking up items and Sunday/Monday have it shipped out.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Kentucky PTA office at 502-226-6607, or Jenna via email at [email protected] or Victoria Tucker, Emergency Response Chair at [email protected]

Thanks for all you do,

Kathy Smiley,

KY PTA President

Reflections Student Art Awards & Exhibition

This Thursday we will be celebrating our students and showing off their wonderful artwork in Visual Arts, Dance Choreography, Film Production, Literature, Photography, and Music Composition.

We will also have our general meeting.

Join us Thursday, December 16th at 6:00 pm at YPAS located at 1517 S 2nd St, Louisville, KY 40208. All are welcome!

Upcoming Board Training

Next Board training is on Wednesday October 27th at 6:30 pm

Evolve502 Scholarship

Seniors – Don’t forget to apply for the Evolve502 scholarship!!

Back to School Back to PTA

We invite all everyone to our Back to School Back to PTA. Register at

15th District PTA General Meeting, Training, Vendors, Breakfast, and Networking – What more could you want? Join Us!

Saturday August 28th 9:00 am to 12:00 pm

Noe Middle School!

If you want to be a vendor – please sign up here –

KY PTA Convention

Its not too late to register!

Awards Celebration Recording & Presentation

Watch the event on our You Tube Channel at

Presentation Slide Show at this link – Awards Celebration

2021 Awards Celebration!

Register at

15th District PTA Nominating Committee Slate

To find out more information or how to run from the floor – check out our election page.

Share Your PTA/PTSA Shout Out!

Send us your PTA/PTSA Shout Out so we can share it at our May Awards Meeting. See more info on our awards page –

General Meeting – Bylaws Renewal

15th District PTA will be doing a general meeting on February 16th at 6:00 pm to renewal their bylaws.
All of this information is at:

Register at:

General Meeting & Awards

Miss our Meeting & Awards – Check it out here

General Meeting & Awards!

Register at

General Meeting & Awards Ceremony

Join us on December 3rd at 6:00 pm as we have our General Meeting and Awards Ceremony. We will be giving out our Reflections Awards to our talented students. We will also be giving out awards to our PTAs that we would have normally done last spring. Join us. You must register to attend at

November Newsletter

15th District PTA Supports the Investment of JCPS

The 15th District PTA votes to support the JCPS Tax Increase that will be on the ballot on November. See our page for more details.

No photo description available.

Letter to Louisville PTA/PTSA Leaders

Dear Louisville PTA/PTSA Leaders,

Kentucky PTA is aware of the newspaper articles in the Courier Journal that was published last week about PTA.   Kentucky PTA will be making a statement; however, we want to make sure that our attorney as well as National PTA has time to review it and offer changes/suggestions.    

In the meantime, Kentucky PTA along with 15th District PTA, wants you to understand that we support each and every one of you.   We see the amazing things that you are doing at your school and across the city.   We see and appreciate all your hard work and dedication.  It does not go unnoticed.  Please do not let anyone bring you down.

There is a saying that “Data is like a bikini, what is shown, is revealing, what isn’t shown, is vital”.  The “data” doesn’t show the amazing things that was done.  The article didn’t know the struggle some PTA’s had, or the advocacy that was done at all schools.  It does not show the events that were held for little to no cost to the PTA and or their families.   We see and know what isn’t shown with the data. 

We have also been notified of an open records request asking for last year’s original budget (what you submitted to your general membership to approve, not your actual vs budgeted), officers list, and this year’s financial review.   All of them should have already been turned into your principal as they are required by KDE, yearly.   If you haven’t already, please do so at this time.  Kentucky PTA has an emergency board meeting schedule to discuss this concern further.  

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to your district leadership, or you are always welcome to contact the Kentucky PTA at [email protected] or 502-226-6607. 

Always keep in mind that there is no wrong way to PTA, and this year is going to look different from years in the past.  Don’t get discouraged.   We are all here to support you.

JCPS 10/13/2020

JCPS Forum – tomorrow – Submit your questions.…/regi…/tJEkduurrTsqH9P5ciIrl_kmkHYWPpon6ysq

Watch Here –

Signs, Advocacy, & Forum

October Newsletter

PTA Advocacy Resources

We have posted the PTA Advocacy Workshop Resources and Power Point to our PTA Advocacy Page or you can access them here.

PTA Advocacy Workshop Google Slides

September Newsletter

Virtual Elections & Virtual Meeting Information

SBDM Elections

PTA Elections

Virtual General Membership Meetings

August Newsletter

August Newsletter –

JCPS school starts on August 25th with NTI!

JCPS will start school with Non-Traditional Instruction (NTI) – Find out more about this here –

Onward together jefferson county public schools banner

Is your contact information up to date – Please check this page to get updates from JCPS via text and e-mail –

On the move? Remember to update your People Finder listing ...

JCPS Student Assignment Listening Sessions

JCPS is holding 2 Focus Groups on the new Student Assignment Plan Proposal

7/7 at Camp Edwards (731 S Hancock St, Louisville, KY 40203)
7/9 at Central HS (1130 W. Chestnut St., Louisville, KY 40203)

There will be repeating sessions throughout the day, but they can only have 30 people in each session for social distancing, and they need time for cleaning in between sessions.


You will need to use the following form

or call Sandy @ 502-313-5987 to schedule your slot.

Check our Facebook Events for more details.


15th District PTA is unveiling a new program called PTA CARES. Please check out website pages for more information and how to become join us.

Letter To Our PTAs

Dear PTA Leaders,

We hope this letter finds everyone doing well and staying healthy.  As we all try to navigate this uncharted waters, and learn our new “normal” for the time being, the 15th District PTA board wanted to share with you some of the resources that have been shared over the past couple weeks. We thought it might be helpful to place as many resources in one location.   

If we can help you in anyway, please feel free to reach out to us, we are happy to help if we can.  We all in this together.   Please share these resources with your families in your PTA!


15th District PTA

To read the full letter with important information including CAP, learning resources, health services, and community resources.

Message from KY PTA

MARCH 23, 2020

MEMO: Kentucky State PTA Guidelines During the Coronavirus Pandemic

TO: Kentucky PTA Unit, District PTA Leaders

FROM: President Heather Wampler

We know that many of you have concerns about how to conduct PTA/PTSA meetings given the recent COVID-19 coronavirus  outbreak. At Kentucky State PTA (KY PTA), we appreciate your concern about keeping all of our PTA/PTSA families and members safe during this time. As we continue to monitor the situation, we have been asked what guidance we can provide regarding PTA/PTSA meetings and events.

Guidance on Executive Board/Board of Manager/Committee Meetings

Our bylaws allow for Executive Board/Board of Manager/Committee meetings to be held via telephone or video conferencing as long as all of the members are able to hear each other.  If a member cannot hear or be heard then that meeting could be sanctioned invalid.     

Guidance on Association General Meetings

All local unit PTA/PTSAs in Kentucky should not hold an in-person General PTA/PTSA meeting or PTA/PTSA event while your school district is closed.  We understand that you may not meet your quota of General Meetings for the year, however you should have had the majority of your meetings by this point. 


Please pay any outstanding bills that are due or past due.  At this time with school not being in session we ask that you hold off on any spending for the remainder of the time that school districts are being closed.  IF you need to make a purchase please make sure it is in your budget and had previously been approved by your General Membership.  We ask that you be responsible please.

PTA or PTSA Election

Elections are not allowed to be conducted via telephone, video conferencing absentee ballots thru the mail or any online voting system; this needs to be done at a in person meeting which cannot happen at this time.  Positions cannot be appointed by the current board or school administration.  They must be elected by the General Membership.  Please note if this is NOT an election year for your PTA/PTSA because you will be serving the 2nd year of your 2-year term, you will not need to hold an election.  The Kentucky PTA Executive Board is giving an extension for schools that bylaws state elections were to be held in March, April, May, or June 2020; they have until September 30, 2020 to hold their election to still comply with the bylaws.  You must follow everything with the nominating committee and including your entire school membership.   

SBDM Election 

Kentucky Department Education (KDE) will be giving us direction for the process for parent elections; if we do not return to school by the time your bylaws (SBDM bylaws) state they are to be held.

Financial Reviews

The due date for Financial Reviews is July 15, 2020 for the 2019-2020 school year.  However, with school being potentially closed we request that when you can safely return to your school building as instructed by your school district, local public health, and get the information needed to complete the review.  We will monitor this and continue to give more instruction. 

Please continue to work with your local public health officials to determine when the outbreak has ended in your local community and when the community is able to safely have meetings and events.

Your personal health and the health of your family is important.


Kentucky State PTA Convention scheduled July 17-19, 2020 has been canceled in its entirety and will not be rescheduled for 2020.   In light of canceling this important event that offers so much training we will begin to work on training opportunities and share with you details within the upcoming months.  Please remember we are always here to help your PTA/PTSA. 


Heather Wampler                                                       

President of Kentucky PTA   

E-Learning Resources

We have created a page with e-learning resources for our families. This have everything from online programs, reading programs, STEM, Art, Online Access, and even virtual tours of museum, zoos, and aquariums.

Saturday (3/14/20) Cancelled

15th District PTA wants to make sure that all of our families are safe during this time. We are cancelling this Saturday’s (3/14/20) event at the Main Library. We will keep you informed if the other events will be cancelled as soon as we know. Please keep you and your families safe.

Why Soap?

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) helps families with their nutritional needs such as food.  This program is wonderful but does have limitation.  SNAP does not cover any hygiene products such as soap. 

15th District PTA has decided to add this to our offering for our families that come to our Clothing Assistance Program (CAP).  While this seems like a small thing to offer – it will be a big help to our families. 

If you would like to donate new soap, gently used clothing, volunteer, or give a monetary donation to CAP please see our website at

Vendor Fair – April 8th

Find your next fundraiser – or partner for family night!

If you want to be a vendor – here is also where you find the info.

Be Internet Awesome Family Workshops

Join Us on the following dates:

Saturday March 14th 10am-12pm @ Main Library 
Tuesday April 7th 6-8pm @ Southwest Library
Thursday April 16th 6-8pm @ Northeast Library
Saturday May 23rd 1-3pm @ South Central Library

More Info at

Awards Applications Due March 15th

Don’t forget to apply for awards from 15th District PTA.

Apply Here

Apply Now for the Evangeline J. Sansome Scholarship

Scholarship information found at

Website updated with all forms – click here

PTA Board Training!

Image result for pta training

Prepare for the 2019-2020 School Year 

  • PTA Compliance Training
  • MemberHub Training
  • Treasurer Training
  • President Roundtable

Light food will be provided!

Image result for register today

Click on date to register on eventbrite!

September 7th- 10am – 1pm – Louisiville Urban League

September 17th – 1:30-4:30pm – Northeast Library

September 23rd – 5pm-8pm – Southwest Regional Library

September 25th – 10am – 1pm – Newburg Library

September 30th – 5-8pm – St Matthews Elementary School 

More training and links at

Sunday – Community Jamboree

Register Here

Summertime is all about camping, swimming, and hanging out with friends. Let’s keep up the learning also – join us at the Community Jamboree as we give you some tools to combat that pesky summer slide!

We will also have balloon artist, face painting, and more information!

Sunday, July 14th from 1:00 to 5:00 pm at Riverside-Farnsley Moremen Landing at the Community Jamboree and the Ice Cream Social!!!

Financial Review Due July 15th!

The form can be found at KY PTA’s website at

This video is two years old – but the process is the same. Please note the July 10th training mentioned at the end is not for this year. 🙂

Check it out here!

Community Jamborees

Please join us at the Community Jamborees. Great time and information for all our families.

Don’t Forget the Banquet is Tonight!

Join us for some fun, food, and a celebration of our PTA/PTSA!!

Voting Ballot

Here is what the ballot will look like for those who are voting in today’s election. Remember the polls open at 4:00 pm and close at 6:45 pm at Louisville Central Community Center.

Check out our Election FAQ

Image result for updated FAQ
Click the FAQ image to find them –
they are located at the bottom of the page.

Elections – May 7, 2019

We have all the details and even FAQ on our Election Page.

Annual Awards Banquet

We’re celebrating your PTA/PTSA accomplishments this year in a new way.

Join us May 7, 2019 for our annual awards banquet.

Join us for a festive banquet with student performances, awards, and a chance to showcase your school spirit.

Reservations are $40 a person and must be received by Tuesday, April 30.

All reservation requests must include a check made payable to 15th District PTA.

Guests are encouraged to wear school colors and spirit wear and will receive a celebratory pom-pom upon arrival. For more information, call (502) 485-7450.

RSVP at Awards Banquet

15th District PTA calls a Special General Meeting to vote on proposed bylaw changes

Notification Date: March 21, 2019

Date of Meeting: April 22, 2019

Location: CB Young Conference Room at 3001 Crittenden Drive, Louisville, KY 40209 Please enter the left side of the building thru security by the handicap ramp.  The front doors will be locked.

Time – Doors open at 5:45 pm and meeting will start at promptly at 6:15 pm.

Visit our special page for more information

PTA Officer Slate Announced

PTA Officer Slate Announced for the 2019-2021 Term

President Elect
Sienna Newman

Vice President 1
Carla Robinson

Vice President 2
Dana Shull

Vice President 3
Bobbi Jo Kingery

Vice President 4
Sharon Kesler

Vice President 5
Karen Pridemore

Elizabeth Hammer

Anna Elder 

Thank you to everyone who applied to be on the 15th District PTA Board. These are the only positions that will be elected at our May 7th Banquet

If you would still like to be on the board – we have several chairman positions that are open.

If you would like to run from the floor for one of the elected positions above-please email Autumn Neagle at [email protected] by April 8, 2019.  

No other nominations from the floor will be accepted past April 8, 2019 in compliance with our bylaws.

Deadline for Awards & Scholarship Applications Extended!

New Deadline is March 29, 2019

Click here to apply for awards

Click here to apply for scholarships

Don’t Miss March 14th & 15th

March 14th – Vendor Fair & Training Event

Registration requested but not required

Calling for Nominations!

Interested in joining 15th District PTA. We are now accepting nominations for our election in May. Fill out our nomination form today!.

Save the Date – March 14th!

Save the date for a wonderful vendor fair and training opportunities. We will have vendors that will showcase their products and programs that you can use in your schools or for your fundraisers.

We will also have training opportunities. More info to come later.

Important Info:

March 14, 2019

Waggener High School Gym

3:30 – 7:30 pm

Detailed schedule to follow.

Calling All Vendors!!!

Join us on March 14th as we have our Vendor Fair at Waggener High School Gym. Please download the registration form and join us to show our PTA/PTSA and other interested groups about your products.

Design the KY PTA Pin

KY PTA is asking for student design submissions for the the KY PTA Pin for National Convention. National PTA Convention will be in Louisville Kentucky in 2020 and the pin will be given out at National Convention this year. Click the links before for the information and the form to submit your design.

Award Applications Now On-line

Now you can apply for all of 15th District PTA Awards on-line. Check it out!

Click here to go to our Awards Page!

Apply for the Evangeline J Sansome Scholarship now on-line

Adam Kesler

You will be missed!  Thank you for your service to our children!

Adam Kesler

Candidates Forum Videos

Don’t forget to vote!

If you missed our School Board Candidates Forum and you want to see it

It is on Facebook or on YouTube.

Here is the link to the YouTube Channel Videos!

District 3 – –’

District 6 –




Candidates Forum

Join us this Thursday!!  

Ask your questions!

Candidates Forum – Click here for a flier that you can send home.


Board Training

Join us on Wednesday, October 10th

Shawnee Library 

3912 W. Broadway

Louisville, KY 40211

6:00 pm to 8:00 pm


Community Board Training

PTA Community Board Training !
September 10, 2018
6:00 pm at Bon Air Library
2816 Del Rio Place, 40220


Hope to see you there!!

Reflections Workshops – Sept. 5th

We are doing a Reflections Workshop  – Please join us.

Wednesday  Sept. 5

12 noon to 1 p.m.

Southwest Regional Library – 9725 Dixie Highway


Wednesday, Sept. 5

5 to 6 p.m. 

Middletown Library  – 200 North Juneau Drive

Board Training

Board Training 

Wednesday, August 22nd

6:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Highland/Shelby Park Library

in Mid City Mall at

1250 Bardstown Rd, Louisville, KY 40204

August Family Matters

Check out our newest PTA Newsletter


2017-2018 Financial Review Form


Financial Review Video

Here is a video we made last year – it is the same process.  Please check it out.

Looking for 2 Parent Volunteers for Selection Committee!

15th District PTA is looking for 2 parent volunteers to be on the Selection Committee of the Racial Equity Policy.  The selection committee will be responsible for developing and conducting an application process to establish the membership of the Advisory Council for the Equity and Race Advisory Council.  This will be a short-term commitment but a highly important one.  The meeting times are not scheduled as of yet and the two parents chosen will need to meet with the other 8 other members – so a flexible schedule is advised.  Meetings will start in June.

Please click on the nomination form link below to fill out the nomination form.

Nomination Form

we need you

15th District PTA Stand on Possible State Takeover

15th District Parent Teacher Association (PTA) believes that every voice should be heard when we talk about education. We also believe that the strongest voices are the ones who are directly involved in the education process: teachers, administrators, students, and parents. These voices are being threatened with a takeover by the state of Kentucky. When the audit began, it was clear that changes were needed at Jefferson County Public Schools (JCPS), but since that time significant changes have occurred. JCPS has shown it is willing to make changes that will improve our school system. A state takeover would not only hurt the momentum of these changes within the district but also silence the input of community stakeholders. 15th District PTA supports JCPS and stands united with JCPS against a state takeover.

15th District PTA Press Release – JCPS State Takeover

15th District PTA Awards Banquet

Don’t forget to register for our banquet on May 10th!



Scholarship Applications Due March 15, 2018

The Evangeline j. Sansome Scholarship Applications are due March 15th!

If you are a senior and a member of your PTSA – you may qualify for a scholarship.  Click here for the application and more information.


Award Applications – Due March 1, 2018

Did you PTA have an awesome program or project?  Do you have a volunteer who is outstanding?  Was your membership campaign awesome this year?  If so – tell us about it.  We give awards away at our banquet in May for volunteers, programs, projects, membership campaigns, social media, newsletters, website,  male involvement, and advocacy.  Check out all the award applications here.


Be an advocate and tell JCPS

what you want in a superintendent.  

Here is the link to the survey.

Please join us at 4 public forums.

Area residents also may provide input in person by attending an upcoming public forum. The Q&A-style meetings are an opportunity for the public to meet and hear from the finalists.

All meetings will begin at 6 p.m.  Scheduled public meetings include:

  • Town Hall Forum
    Thursday, Jan. 25, Central High School
    1130 W. Chestnut St.
  • Student Q&A Forum
    Monday, Jan. 29, Gheens Auditorium
    4425 Preston Hwy. (adjacent to Louisville Male High School)
  • Town Hall Forum
    Tuesday, Jan. 30, Ballard High School
    6000 Brownsboro Road
  • Town Hall Forum
    Thursday, Feb. 1, Pleasure Ridge Park High School
    5901 Greenwood Road


Take What You Can Tote – Saturday, December 9th!

Check out our website for more information

15TH District President Autumn Neagle on WHAS Talking About Blitz Week.

Please see the following video of our president being interviewed on 07/28/17 on WHAS TV.


Volunteers Needed C.A.P. Blitz Week

You can also go to the following site to sign up. Be a part of our children’s  future.*0


C.A.P. Blitz 2017

The 15th District Parent Teacher Association Back-to-School Clothing Blitz will be held at 319 S. 15th Street from Monday, July 31, through Saturday, August 5.

All JCPS families in need are eligible to participate. Students will receive a new uniform, and families may shop the gently used clothing at the 15th District PTA’s Clothing Assistance Program. There will be information booths, and all children will receive a free lunch, courtesy of JCPS School and Community Nutrition Services. To register for the event, contact your child’s school and ask about signing up for the 15th District PTA’s Clothing Blitz.

15th District Awards Dinner

Here are some of the pictures from the awards dinner. For the complete album please visit:

If you do not have access to Facebook and need a certain photo please email me at:  [email protected] or call (502) 413-1639



2016-2017 Financial Review Form (NEW FORM)

Please be advised the financial review form has changed please use this form to do your financial review.

Financial Review Form 2017-2018

Message from the 15th District President

Please use the following forms:

nomination for parent  (PDF)

nomination for parent rep super screening 2017 (Microsoft Word)





We have received information of some changes to the requirements to the 2017-2018 fundraising form and a change in the due date. All fundraising forms MUST be turned into the District Superintendent on or before May 22,2017. local units must check with their principal’s to find out the date they want this years forms to be turned into them.   Also the from we have been using has changed and the correct form can be found below. If you have already turned in your fundraising form please check with your principal to make sure your unit dose not need to resubmit before the deadline. Remember if you do not turn in your fundraising form before the deadline you will not be able to hold a fundraiser for the 2017-2018 school year.

2017-2018 Fundraising form

Kentucky Derby News!!

April Family Matters Is Here


Please Help Our Children Start Off On The Right Foot

Here is the From the Ground Up! fund:*0




March 2017 Family Matters See it here first!

Read the full issue here:






Fundraiser Approval Form Due June 1 2017

*****Attention all PTA’s and PTSA’s********

Fundraiser Approval Form Due June 1 2017

fundraiser approval form  ( Click here for Word form download)

Please Visit Our New Page.

From The Ground UP

Please welcome our 2017-2019 executive board of directors nominees

Please remember our election will take place at our annual awards banquet on May 10,2017 at the Ramada Plaza 9700 Bluegrass Parkway.  please come and join us in the celebration.


Founders Day Celebration At DuPont Manual High School.

The 15th District PTA was honored to be guests at Manual’s Founders Day celebration. Hear are some photos from today.

February issue of Family Matters is here.

Please enjoy your digital copy of Family Matters. The 15th District PTA monthly newsletter.FamilyMattersFebOnline

Please save the date. Early registration saves money!!!!

R.S.V.P please click the following link:


15th District Papa Johns 2017 Fundraiser


2017 Scholarship applications

“Harold L. Steele” $1000 Student Scholarship

12 Steele $1000 Student Scholarship 2014 2015

This is a biennial (every two years) scholarship that is awarded in even numbered years. The scholarship is awarded for a two year period, $500 for each year, providing the recipient’s grades justify awarding the following year. Financial need, academic achievement, personal remarks, and involvement in school and community service will be considered by the selection committee.

$500 Student Scholarship (Deadline: February 15, 2017 )


Each year, the Kentucky PTA awards a number of $500 scholarships to deserving high school seniors from schools with PTAs/PTSAs, who plan to attend accredited colleges or universities in Kentucky and pursue a degree in educational field. Financial need, academic achievement, personal remarks, career plans and involvement in school and community service will be considered by the selection committee

$500 Teacher-Member Scholarship (Deadline: February 15, 2017)


Teacher scholarships are granted to Kentucky certified teachers for the purpose of obtaining credit toward a master’s degree or Rank 1. Financial need, number of dependents, personal remarks and letters of recommendation will be considered by the selection committee. The teacher must be a member of the PTA/PTSA.

$500 Parent-Member Scholarship (Deadline: February 15, 2017)


The Kentucky PTA will award one scholarship to a PTA or PTSA parent-member planning to attend an accredited public college or university in Kentucky and pursue an undergraduate degree in education or in a health field. Financial need, number of dependents, career plans, involvement in PTA/PTSA work, and letters of recommendation will be considered by the selection committee. The applicant must be a member of the PTA/PTSA.

Say No To BR426

This is very important legislation that will affect every student in Jefferson County and across the Commonwealth. If we do not take action as parents and families then we will lose one of our only voices in our children’s education.

 Say No to BR426

The 2017 Kentucky Legislature will make important decisions about the future of school councils.  The first challenge is already here: Senator John Schickel of Boone County has filed a bill (BR 426)  that would give superintendents powers that currently belong to councils.

  • authority to set school policies in all areas listed in the main section of the law about council roles (curriculum, instruction, extracurriculars, assignment of students and staff, school schedule, etc.)
  • full authority to make personnel decisions, including principal vacancies
  • ability to determine instructional materials
  • authority to plan professional learning, and
  • power to decide student support services.

The bill would leave principals with the responsibility to develop wellness plans and decide about educational displays in a school. Councils would become an advisory group. Continue reading

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