What do membership dues pay for? 


  • Provide PTA leaders training, workshops, materials and publications (newsletters, magazines, brochures, reproducible graphics, programs, videos, resource and leadership materials).
  • Defray costs for state and national volunteers who travel to train PTAs.
  • Provide support—local PTAs are never alone! State and district boards (and even national if need be) can be contacted at any time.
  • Pay for student, teacher and parent scholarships.
  • Pay for student, teacher, and school awards programs.
  • Support child advocacy—many people hear that term but don’t pay much attention to it. Members should know that national, state and district members are working with state and federal legislatures continuously, to pass bills that would most benefit students and public education. When important issues involving children and youth are at stake, PTA is there.

Where does it go?

$1.25 of each members’ dues goes to the Kentucky PTA, $2.25 goes to the National PTA, 20 cents per member goes to the District PTA. State and national dues are paid monthly via Givebacks (formerly MemberHub). District dues are billed and paid with the District Membership Payment form. Each local unit’s bylaws state the amount of its PTA’s dues.