Procedure Books

Procedure Books should be given to each chairman and

 should contain:

  1. job description of the officer or chairman, with a detailed report of the responsibilities of the officer or chairman.
  2. plan of work and calendar.
  3. All materials received pertaining to the office (reports, evaluations, correspondence, notes, receipts).
  4. A copy of the bylaws.
  5. A copy of the standing rules.
  6. An expense/income report for the previous year’s chairman and a working one for this year.
  7. calendar of events, including meetings.
  8. list of the board members names, addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses.
  9. A copy of the current budget and financial reports.
  10. list of contacts used the previous year and how to reach them.
  11. Agendas and minutes of all meetings .
  12. summary or evaluation each year by the chairman of what worked, what didn’t.

In short, procedure books are valuable tools to help each new chairman begin and carry out his/her job. As well as the chairmen, the president should keep accurate records and materials in a procedure book—it can only help the next president!  And one of the biggest jobs a president has is training the next president.