Minutes are the official record of your PTA’s activities. If it’s not in the minutes, it didn’t happen! Minutes become the official record of a meeting once they are approved.

Minutes should include:

  • Name of the association and the kind of meeting.
  • The date, time and place of the meeting.
  • The name and title of the presiding officer and the secretary’s name.
  • That a quorum was present. Attendees names may be recorded of you wish.
  • The names of any guests attending the meeting and that a courtesy seat was granted to them.
  • The status of the last meeting’s minutes. Whether they were distributed or read, and approved or approved as corrected.
  • The treasurer’s report. List the income, expenses and balance. A copy of the treasurer’s monthly financial statement should be attached to the minutes.
  • Reports of other officers and chairmen.
  • A summary of the discussion. Only the important facts of the meeting should be recorded, not the exact discussion.
  • The exact wording of any motions made, who made the motion, and who seconds it, (or if it came from committee).
  • Whether the motion passed or failed.
  • Any announcements made.
  • Time of adjournment.
  • The name and title of the person taking the minutes.

The words “approved” or “approved as corrected”  and the date should be written at the end of the minutes of each meeting. The minutes should be signed by the secretary.