ad·vo·ca·cy   –  active support of an idea or cause etc.

15th District PTA believes advocacy is the act of empowering individuals to spark changes in programs and policies that benefit children. These changes can be made at your school, district, city, or state.   We are here to help provide tools so you can improve laws, policies, and conditions in our district and state.

At any given time, a PTA member may engage in a variety of activities that represent a spectrum or range of efforts in support of children – their own individual child, a group of children, or all children. As parents, advocacy can begin by speaking for our own children at parent-teacher conferences or with the school principal. We begin to realize that the other children in the classroom or school have similar needs.

For more information or questions on advocacy in the 15th District please contact the Legislative Chairperson [email protected]


Support Family Engagement for Families of Students with Special Needs through National PTA’s Every Child in Focus campaign!

Take Action!

December is the Month of the Child with Special Needs!

National PTA’s Every Child in Focus campaign seeks to strengthen family engagement in schools by celebrating the achievements of diverse populations, while also sharing resources and advocacy tools to help overcome disparities in these populations and understand the needs of every child. Launched in August 2013, the campaign is a school-year-long series that provides educators, families and PTAs with the information they need to broaden family engagement in schools through the PTA National Standards for Family-School Partnerships. To help with this effort, National PTA will spotlight the educational issues surrounding a particular group, highlight their accomplishments and focus on ways to help foster family-school partnerships.December is the Month of the Child with Special Needs. Using the PTA National Standards for Family-School Partnerships as a guide, PTAs can explore ways to welcome and support families with special needs children in the school community. As a PTA advocate living in the state or district of a member of the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pension committee or the House Education and the Workforce committee, you can help support our campaign by letting them know about our efforts and by telling them that you support both the Every Child in Focus initiative and the Family Engagement in Education Act as a way to improve family engagement in schools for all families across the country.

Senate and House education leaders need to hear your voice! Take action today to help strengthen family engagement for all families!