The Executive Committee includes all elected officers and the principal.

Appointed persons serve on the executive committee only if the bylaws denote that. The Executive committee should set goals and projects for the year and develop the budget to reflect the goals. The officers are bonded if PTA insurance is purchased.

The Board of Managers includes all elected officers and appointed chairmen.
Most local PTA boards meet once a month to discuss finances, goals, and projects that are upcoming. Try to have a regular meeting date for each month. (The first Tuesday of every month…)

The president and the principal should approve all plans and activities of the officers and chairmen.

Board meetings are closed meetings, should contain no gossip, and the discussions and minutes should be kept within the board.

All board members must be a member of that school’s PTA.

Things to remember:

  • Delegate! Follow up with the chairmen and officers, but don’t do it all yourself.
  • Watch your mailbox for materials sent from national, state and the district PTA. These materials will help you keep track of deadlines, programs, dates and news that is important to your PTA.
  • Keep a well organized calendar.
  • Meet regularly and often with your principal.
  • Inform your general body of the names and phone numbers of your board members. a visible and accessible PTA is the most effective.
  • Continually ask for volunteers.
  • For meetings, have an agenda and stick to it! When the topic gets off track, ask your board to return to the agenda.
  • Offer to have them continue the subject in committee, add that topic to next month’s agenda, or continue the conversation after the meeting is adjourned.
  • Before each meeting, ask the board members to let you know if they wish to be put on the agenda, and what they will report. The chair needs to know everything in relation to the meeting.
  • Request that chairmen do committee work at their specific committee meetings. Use board meetings to inform the board of the committee’s decisions, and to approve plans.
  • Ask that board members keep you informed of their activities. It’s not good for a president to be surprised!
  • Welcome volunteers. Nurture and encourage potential leaders. Somebody has to take over when you leave!
  • Keep a sense of humor, don’t sweat the small stuff, and have fun!