15th District PTA Meeting Rules for Voting on April 22, 2019

According to the the 15th District PTA bylaws Article XII: Section 4

Each local PTA/PTSA in the District shall be entitled to be represented at the fifteenth (15th) district meetings by Five (5) accredited delegates of each local PTA/PTSA. (Accredited delegates selection shall
be determined by the 15th District PTA standing rules.)

The 15th District PTA Standing Rules
Representation At 15th District PTA General Meeting

  1. 5 accredited delegates from each 15th District Local PTA shall have voting privileges.
    a. Each local PTA President or intern president may submit up to 5 names for the accredited delegates. List of names must be submitted 3 days in advance of the meeting.
    b. 15th District PTA board will also have 5 accredited delegates that will be allowed to vote.
    c. Each delegate must show picture ID and current Membership Card.
  2. Each speaker may speak up to two times per issue and each time for only 2 minutes. The order of speaking will alternate between for and against.

How to submit the list of delegates

The list should be submitted to [email protected] by April 19th. If you are unable to e-mail please call Autumn at 502-718-2590.

If you have additional questions or your PTA member has lost their membership card and you do not have additional cards – please contact Autumn at 502-718-2590 or at [email protected].

For more information about the meeting including the bylaws up for vote.

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