Letter to Louisville PTA/PTSA Leaders

Dear Louisville PTA/PTSA Leaders,

Kentucky PTA is aware of the newspaper articles in the Courier Journal that was published last week about PTA.   Kentucky PTA will be making a statement; however, we want to make sure that our attorney as well as National PTA has time to review it and offer changes/suggestions.    

In the meantime, Kentucky PTA along with 15th District PTA, wants you to understand that we support each and every one of you.   We see the amazing things that you are doing at your school and across the city.   We see and appreciate all your hard work and dedication.  It does not go unnoticed.  Please do not let anyone bring you down.

There is a saying that “Data is like a bikini, what is shown, is revealing, what isn’t shown, is vital”.  The “data” doesn’t show the amazing things that was done.  The article didn’t know the struggle some PTA’s had, or the advocacy that was done at all schools.  It does not show the events that were held for little to no cost to the PTA and or their families.   We see and know what isn’t shown with the data. 

We have also been notified of an open records request asking for last year’s original budget (what you submitted to your general membership to approve, not your actual vs budgeted), officers list, and this year’s financial review.   All of them should have already been turned into your principal as they are required by KDE, yearly.   If you haven’t already, please do so at this time.  Kentucky PTA has an emergency board meeting schedule to discuss this concern further.  

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to your district leadership, or you are always welcome to contact the Kentucky PTA at [email protected] or 502-226-6607. 

Always keep in mind that there is no wrong way to PTA, and this year is going to look different from years in the past.  Don’t get discouraged.   We are all here to support you.