Parliamentary Procedure

So You’re Having A Meeting

The correct procedure used in running a meeting is called parliamentary procedure. In order to do things fairly for everyone, Robert’s Rules of Order should be used when conducting a meeting of your PTA. It allows for order and organization and makes meetings go smoothly, in the least amount of time. It is recommended that a president become familiar with Robert’s Rules of Order, and have a copy of the book handy when presiding at a meeting.

Principles of parliamentary law are:

  • Fairness and courtesy to all;
  • Rights of the minority protected;
  • Rule of the majority reflected;
  • Partiality to none; and
  • Consideration of one subject at a time.

Many PTAs know that parliamentary procedure should be used, but use the incorrect procedure for conducting a meeting. Below is an example of how parliamentary procedure should be used in a general PTA meeting.

Conducting a meeting

Sample Agenda

Making a motion

Official Motion Form