Say No To BR426

This is very important legislation that will affect every student in Jefferson County and across the Commonwealth. If we do not take action as parents and families then we will lose one of our only voices in our children’s education.

 Say No to BR426

The 2017 Kentucky Legislature will make important decisions about the future of school councils.  The first challenge is already here: Senator John Schickel of Boone County has filed a bill (BR 426)  that would give superintendents powers that currently belong to councils.

  • authority to set school policies in all areas listed in the main section of the law about council roles (curriculum, instruction, extracurriculars, assignment of students and staff, school schedule, etc.)
  • full authority to make personnel decisions, including principal vacancies
  • ability to determine instructional materials
  • authority to plan professional learning, and
  • power to decide student support services.

The bill would leave principals with the responsibility to develop wellness plans and decide about educational displays in a school. Councils would become an advisory group.

Please contact your legislative leaders today and tell them councils are an important contributor to school success; that teachers, principals, and parents deserve a strong voice in schools; and that it makes sense to allow decisions to be made by educators and families who know the challenges that schools face and who see students and families every day.

Here’s what you can do:

Contact the following 2017 legislative leaders by phone (800.372.7181, between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.) and e-mail:

John (Bam) Carney, House Education Committee Chair, [email protected]

Mike Wilson, Senate Education Committee Chair, [email protected]

Jeffrey Hoover, Speaker of the House, [email protected]

Robert Stivers, Senate President, [email protected]

Suggested messages include:

  • “I’m against BR 426 because I support school councils!”
  • “I oppose BR 426 because school councils are effective and deserve more respect!”
  • “I’m against BR 426. School councils give everyone a voice!”

Share this email with friends and colleagues. It is a powerful way to express your voice in school decisions and make sure others know councils are important.

Thank you for your commitment to students and Kentucky schools !