Toy Drive – Drop on this Thursday!

PTA/PTSA Leaders,

As most of you know over the weekend severe storms devastated the Western part of Kentucky. Kentucky PTA spent Saturday reaching out to local leaders in that area to ensure that everyone was safe. We asked about any needs they might have. As you can imagine a lot of people were still in shock and disbelief Saturday morning so we are sure that those needs will become clearer in the upcoming days.

Watching the news and social media we are so grateful for the way Kentuckians have jumped in to help the families of Western Kentucky with collections around the state. Please continue to keep Western Kentucky families in your thoughts over the next few weeks and months as they try to rebuild. Kentucky PTA will help in any way we can.

Toy Drive

Kentucky PTA is asking for our local units, if they are so inclined, to do a TOY drive in your area, with all the gifts and toys going to the families in Western Kentucky. We have talked to officials, and they are good on clothing and items to keep them warm. We also know that a lot of different organizations are doing water donations. Let’s focus on giving some sense of normalcy to the children of Western Kentucky as we can right before the holiday season.

This is an optional TOY drive, while we WOULD love you to participate, you are in no ways required.

If you decided to participate, please ask for new or gently used toys and gifts for all age groups. Feel free to think outside the box. Example: Hoodies would be a great gift, as the majority of teens would prefer hoodies to any coat. coloring books, books etc.

On top of that, we have been made aware of these specific needs. Totes for families to store their items in, batteries and flashlights have made the top of every list.

Kentucky PTA would also like to include small school supplies items such as paper, crayons, markers, folders so that they can be sent directly to schools so that if any family has lost school supplies that isn’t a need they have to worry about coming back in January.

Monetary Donations

If someone would like to make a monetary contribution, please refer them to either or the American Red Cross. Please do not take in donations, as we are still restricted on who we can donate to.

If you would like to use some of your budget to buy items on behalf of your PTA/PTSA, it depends on how the line items are listed- please contact the Kentucky PTA office for clarification so we can find a line item that would work.

Contacts and drop off.

Kentucky PTA will ensure that all donations are shipped to those in need in Western Kentucky.

Your point of contact depends on your district.

15th District- Your drop off location will go out in a separate email; we are still working on the logistics. You can contact Sienna Newman at [email protected]

16th District- Your drop off location will go out in a separate email, we are still working on the logistics. Your point of contact will be Susan Voglesong at [email protected].

4th, 18th and 9th – Point of Contact Victoria Tucker, she will work with you to pick up items. She can be reached at [email protected]

All other districts please contact Jenna Jennings ([email protected]) or Victoria Tucker ([email protected]) to make arrangements for us to do pickups.

We only have a short amount of turnaround time so if you are wanting to participate, please contact the Kentucky PTA office so we can arrange to drop off/pick up before 5 PM on Thursday. Friday/Saturday we will be picking up items and Sunday/Monday have it shipped out.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Kentucky PTA office at 502-226-6607, or Jenna via email at [email protected] or Victoria Tucker, Emergency Response Chair at [email protected]

Thanks for all you do,

Kathy Smiley,

KY PTA President