The Clothing Assistance Program (CAP) is a partnership between the 15th District Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and Jefferson County Public Schools (JCPS). CAP provides clothing to JCPS students and their families in need. Clothing is donated and provided free of charge to those families. Help is always needed sorting, sizing, hanging, and organizing our donated clothing. Volunteer hours during the school year are TuesdayWednesday, and Thursdays from 10 a.m. until 1 p.m. Other hours can be scheduled.
Some of our volunteers from the past


All Clothing Assistance Program appointments must be made by family resource coordinators. We do not take walk-ins, every person must have an appointment. Thank you!

Each local PTA is asked to send volunteers to work at CAP twice a year.  Volunteers are asked to work 2-3 hours between 10am-1pm on their assigned days.  It is critical we have schools send volunteers, as CAP is solely run by volunteers and we need everyone to make this program successful.

CAP is located at 319 South 15th Street. Going west on Muhammad Ali, take a right onto 15th Street and our entrance is at the end of the football field fencing before the next intersection.  If you have any questions contact us at (502) 485-7062 or

Download – CAP Volunteer 2018-19 Calendar

2018 -2019 PTA CAP Schedule

Clothing Assistance Program

For 40 years the 15th District PTA’s Clothing Assistance Program has been providing new and used clothing to needy children who attend Jefferson County Public Schools. Many of our community’s families face each new school year without resources to provide school clothing for their children. Kids today face many challenges and economically disadvantaged children have incredible barriers to overcome.

During the 2009-2010 school year, over 5,900 students were clothed at CAP. A school’s Family Resource/Youth Service Center coordinator, counselor, or principal refers students in need of clothes. The referring party is responsible for setting up appointments for their clients. As a general rule, those students that are referred receive gently used school clothes, as well as a new school uniform (if required) underwear, and socks.

Most of the clothes are donated from local schools. Each school is asked to have one or two clothing drives a year for CAP. Funding for new clothing items come from cash donations from schools, PTAs, individuals and a few grant sources. Each local school is asked to send three to four volunteers twice a year to assist at the program (see calendar pop-down list below). This could include assisting clients, sorting, stocking and hanging clothes, ordering and tracking new inventory. Contact the Clothing Assistance Program at 485-7062 or 485-3535. Volunteers are needed!

Prom Dresses, Clothing for Interviews, Graduation

To set up an appointment for a Prom dress, please call 485-7062.  The Clothing Assistance Program is located at 319 South 15th Street Louisville 40203. Clothing suitable for college interviews, job interviews or graduation are also available for Seniors.

Clothing Donations Procedure

  • Donations should be sent in boxes.  Bags rip open and the clothes get lost, dirty or torn before we can sort them.  This is especially true for donations sent through the PONY.  Those donations must wait at the warehouse until several pallets are ready for delivery to us.  Boxes should be marked  15th District PTA CAP at Central Stadium with your PTA’s Name as the “return address”.  This helps us make sure that you are recognized for your contributions.  Boxes without return names will not be picked up by the PONY.
  • To arrange for a PONY pick up you will need to call Roger Mercer at 485-3362.  Please give them 2-3 weeks’ notice before you want a pickup.  This helps them to set their schedule.  If you do not give them enough notice the clothes may need to be stored at your school for those 2-3 weeks.
  • We also ask you to fill out the form below and send in an envelope to 15thDistrict PTA CAP at Central Stadium separately from the donation so that we can be sure to record your donation.
  • If a tax receipt is requested, please get the donor’s name and address and include with the form below and a letter will be sent to them.
  • Clothes do not have to be sorted but if you wanted to make this a project for student service hours that would be great.  Label the boxes as sorted with the contents if you decide to do this.
  • Please be sure that the clothes are clean, unstained and without holes or tears.  We also cannot use clothing items with tobacco or alcohol advertising. This will help us sort and get the clothes to the racks quicker.
  • If you want to drop off your donations please make sure that CAP will be open and let us know if you will need a cart or carts to bring the items in.  We will be happy to meet you in the parking lot.
  • CAP is no longer able to take Lost and Found items from the schools that have not been washed.  Please assist your Family Resource or Youth Services Coordinator or maintenance staff with this.

 Clothing Donation Procedure Form (pdf)

Facts about the 15th District PTA Clothing Assistance Program (CAP)


To reduce absenteeism by ensuring that students have appropriate school clothing.  We also provide gently used clothing for all family members.

CAP Staff/Facilities

The program is run entirely by volunteers and has been in existence for almost 40 years.  There is a volunteer CAP Director and a daily coordinator who work to assist referred parents.  Community and PTA volunteers sort and hang clothes during the year. JCPS provides a spacious warehouse, transportation of donations and more support than can be listed to ensure the continuation of this program


Funding for new clothes comes from cash donations from community members, local PTA units and a generous grant source given to JCPS to combat absenteeism.  In order to maintain the success of this program approximately $80,000.00 is needed.

Gently used clothes come from various sources including drives held by PTAs. We clothe the entire household so we need infant sizes up through Men’s and Women’s in uniform and non-uniform clothes.


During the 2012-2013 school year nearly 7000 students were served.


Students in need of clothes are referred by the school’s Family Resource Youth Service Center coordinators or counselors or Neighborhood place coordinators. Appointments are made using an online system allowing the coordinators to make appointments quickly and at any time.

Students in schools requiring uniforms receive 1 new polo shirt and pair of uniform pants.  All referred students receive a belt and 5 pairs of socks and underwear. Students and their family members “shop” our family room and take as much clothing as they need for any member of their household.

We also have linens and household items for families that have lost their possessions due to fire, flood etc.

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