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15th District Papa Johns 2017 Fundraiser


2017 Scholarship applications

“Harold L. Steele” $1000 Student Scholarship

12 Steele $1000 Student Scholarship 2014 2015

This is a biennial (every two years) scholarship that is awarded in even numbered years. The scholarship is awarded for a two year period, $500 for each year, providing the recipient’s grades justify awarding the following year. Financial need, academic achievement, personal remarks, and involvement in school and community service will be considered by the selection committee.

$500 Student Scholarship (Deadline: February 15, 2017 )


Each year, the Kentucky PTA awards a number of $500 scholarships to deserving high school seniors from schools with PTAs/PTSAs, who plan to attend accredited colleges or universities in Kentucky and pursue a degree in educational field. Financial need, academic achievement, personal remarks, career plans and involvement in school and community service will be considered by the selection committee

$500 Teacher-Member Scholarship (Deadline: February 15, 2017)


Teacher scholarships are granted to Kentucky certified teachers for the purpose of obtaining credit toward a master’s degree or Rank 1. Financial need, number of dependents, personal remarks and letters of recommendation will be considered by the selection committee. The teacher must be a member of the PTA/PTSA.

$500 Parent-Member Scholarship (Deadline: February 15, 2017)


The Kentucky PTA will award one scholarship to a PTA or PTSA parent-member planning to attend an accredited public college or university in Kentucky and pursue an undergraduate degree in education or in a health field. Financial need, number of dependents, career plans, involvement in PTA/PTSA work, and letters of recommendation will be considered by the selection committee. The applicant must be a member of the PTA/PTSA.

Say No To BR426

This is very important legislation that will affect every student in Jefferson County and across the Commonwealth. If we do not take action as parents and families then we will lose one of our only voices in our children’s education.

 Say No to BR426

The 2017 Kentucky Legislature will make important decisions about the future of school councils.  The first challenge is already here: Senator John Schickel of Boone County has filed a bill (BR 426)  that would give superintendents powers that currently belong to councils.

  • authority to set school policies in all areas listed in the main section of the law about council roles (curriculum, instruction, extracurriculars, assignment of students and staff, school schedule, etc.)
  • full authority to make personnel decisions, including principal vacancies
  • ability to determine instructional materials
  • authority to plan professional learning, and
  • power to decide student support services.

The bill would leave principals with the responsibility to develop wellness plans and decide about educational displays in a school. Councils would become an advisory group. Continue reading

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December 2016/January 2017 Newsletter


District News!

Hot off the Press!!

Our 15th District PTA  December/January Newsletter has been mailed to all PTA Officers. An electronic copy of the December 2016/January 2017 Newsletter is available below for you to share with all your members.


Reflections Note Cards Now Available

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The 2014-2015 Reflections theme was “The World Would Be A Better Place If…”.  And now you can send thank you notes, greeting cards, or send an entire set to someone as a gift! Click here to order.


15th District PTA Evangeline J. Sansome Scholarship Application


Proposed Changes to Bylaws

At the 15th District PTA Back to School Back to PTA Conference on Oct. 13, we voted on proposed changes to our bylaws. The reason for these changes was to add a “president-elect” position to the board, and to outline the duties of this new position.

Questions: Contact 15th District PTA at or (502) 671-9451 cell phone for Heather Wampler, President.

ALERT: Financial Review Form New Deadline July 15th Per KDE Redbook

ALERT New Deadline: Kentucky PTA fiscal year is July 1st through June 30th, so it will be necessary to plan ahead and be prepared to meet submission requirements.
• Submit Financial Review Form to Principal of your School per Kentucky Department of Education Accounting Procedures Redbook Regulations. Each PTA/PTSA must submit an annual financial report to Principal of your School by July 15th.
• Mail Financial Review Form to Kentucky PTA, 148 Consumer Lane, Frankfort, KY 40601 per local unit bylaws by July 15th.
Financial Review Form 2015 2016

ACTION ALERT #3 – Flexible Funding

March 21, 2016

Kentucky Education Action Team (KEAT)
Weekly Budget Messages:

For three weeks the Kentucky PTA is sending its members messages regarding the Governor’s proposed education budget cuts. Each week we will focus on a different program that if cut will directly affect our students’ education.

Here is a template letter for the third week’s budget focus: Flexible Funding. We are asking that you send this letter to your Senate or House Representative.

  • Feel free to add your own personal experience with each program and more information about how you feel it benefits the state and our children.
  • If you do ask for a response, please make sure to include your email address, phone number, address and/or other contact information.
  • Please share any responses you receive from legislators with Sharon Whitworth, Kentucky PTA Legislative Commissioner at .

It is vital that we reach out to our legislators at this crucial time. We appreciate all that you do for the children of Kentucky.

Cherie Dimar
Kentucky PTA President